Google promotes Kotlin, an open-source language for Android apps that are built on Java and the JVM.  Kotlin has gathered a large user and developer base for the building of safe apps. The main driver for Kotlin app development is its complete Java interoperability. 8% of app developers worldwide use Kotlin as their primary coding language for developing apps. According to a study, 96% of new projects are written in Kotlin. Here, we'll talk about the top 10 Kotlin development companies you can trust.

The Top 5 Kotlin app development companies of 2022-23 are


Richestsoft is a top Kotlin app development company with a talented group of certified experts. They have been creating Kotlin apps for more than ten years. RichestSoft is an early adopter of the Kotlin language for the app development process. In a relatively short period, they created various popular Kotlin apps for various niches. 

Benefits of hiring kotlin app developers from Richestsoft

  • Skilled developers
  • Integrity And Sincerity
  • Price Transparency
  • Customer-First Approach
  • Free No-Obligation Quote
  • Modular Engagement Strategy


In IT professional services, Kotlin is the most popular language for Android, and the majority of businesses prefer to create their apps using the kotlin platform. Openxcell's professional work performance ensures that you receive the ideal solution for your company's demands. Kotlin app development services are hard to come by since they demand a skilled and committed development team. There are a number of reasons to choose Openxcell for the creation of your apps, some of which include

  • multiplatform compatibility
  • Simple migration
  • Improved codes
  • Community support Language


BorderlessMind has spread across India, East Europe/Asia, Latin America, and other nations with more than two decades of expertise in the IT business. In addition to other non-IT abilities, BorderlessMind hires some of the greatest people in the business, including developers (software, mobile, and web), software testers, and IT, cloud, and UX UI designers. They provide a risk-free method for forming remote teams quickly. There are a number of reasons to choose them for the creation of your apps, some of which include

  • 100% openness
  • Riskless Options
  • Delivery of secure applications


Fortunesoft is the most reputable name in Android development. It takes the duty of providing kotlin app development services very seriously and is committed to constantly improving its capabilities for the benefit of its clients. Customers may access the most cutting-edge services through their app, which pushes them to expand. Fortunesoft is committed to making your ideal app a reality and will stop at nothing to achieve that. There are a number of reasons to choose them for the creation of your apps, some of which include

  • Tool-friendly
  • Simple to relocate
  • reduction of repetitions
  • Multiplatform
  • more rapid development


Mobiloitte is a seasoned mobile app development firm based in India that prioritizes security, scalability, and performance. The organization is entirely focused on offering professional Kotlin app development help and launching a brand-new innovative application trend across all IT sectors. There are a number of reasons to choose them for the creation of your apps, some of which include

  • Prevention of runtime crashes
  • Optimal Performance
  • Server-Side Application


Many companies in the USA can create Kotlin apps for you. Finding the best one needs work and study, so it might be challenging. While it may seem simple to hire a team of developers, testers, and business analysts on-site, an outsourced development team is actually the best option. Along with the various advantages of decreased operational expenses, improved quality, and rapid utilization speed, many other factors also exist.